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What is SafeMoonX?

After months of experiencing scams and rug-pulls throughout the BSC space, we've decided to finally take a stand and create a token that's completely safe, offering a solid reminder that amongst the craziness, there are some real teams willing to be make a stance against the scammers.

SafeMoonX is created by the community for the community.

We understand and appreciate that most of us are hard working individuals who invest their hard earned money into this space.

SafeMoonX is an idea envisioned by a team who were tired of constantly being scammed within the BSC space and wanted to bring a safe haven to everyone, especially new investors, by creating a community token which is safe, honest and dependable.

Why SafeMoonX?

We will break this down into three main features of SafeMoonX’s attractiveness:


Safety is of paramount importance when launching a new crypto project, so that investors know their funds are secure and growing. The salient features of the token are as follows:

Rewards and Sustainability

Naturally, we want to ensure that long-term SafeMoonX holders are rewarded appropriately for their commitment to the project. As a result, SafeMoonX utilises the solid mechanism of “reflection”.

What does Reflection actually achieve?

There are a number of key benefits to Reflection, including the following: